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196/296/396/496/510/560/660/iPhone Horizontal Angle Adapter

Part Number PD7
196/296/396/496/510/560/660/iPhone Horizontal Angle Adapter
196/296/396/496/510/560/660/iPhone Horizontal Angle Adapter
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One comment that we've heard about the Garmin GPS is that it can be difficult to see if viewing from an angle. This is especially noticeable when the GPS is mounted on the opposite side of the panel from the pilot. So, we've come up with a solution: the Angle Adapter. It angles the GPS at a fixed angle of 15 degrees, providing a much more convenient viewing angle.

This adapter fits in the same panel cutout as the Panel Dock®, so if you already have a Panel Dock you can attach this adapter without having to modify your installation.You can mount the Angle Adapter in either direction, in case you fly in the right seat.

In addition, by using this adapter you can expand your installation options, since it lets you surface-mount the Panel Dock on any instrument panel. Note, there must be an area for cable routing through the panel and on the 196/296/396/496 Panel Dock, you must have clearance for a plastic cable holding area.

This is an add-on accessory for a Panel Dock, a Panel Dock is still required to hold your device.

This angle adapter works with the following AirGizmos Panel Docks:
  • Item PD4: 196/296/396/496 Panel Dock
  • Item PD16: aera 500 Series Panel Dock
  • Item PD25: iPhone 6/7/8 Panel Dock
  • Item PD26: iPhone 6/7/8 Plus Panel Dock
  • Item PD28: aera 660 Panel Dock

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